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37th & The World: Decoding Economic Diplomacy

April 24, 2023 Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (GJIA) Season 3 Episode 10
37th & The World
37th & The World: Decoding Economic Diplomacy
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Show Notes

International economic institutions such as the International Monetery Fund and the World Bank are fraught with controversy in large part due to interventionalist policies that less wealthy states claim undermine their sovereignty. Jamie Martin, Assistant Professor at Harvard University, intervenes with a unique historical perspective into this debate with his recent book The Meddlers: Sovereignty, Empire, and the Birth of Global Economic Governance, which focuses on how international efforts to sway global capitalism emerged from elite political struggles and cooperation in the United States and Europe after World War I. In this interview, GJIA questions Martin on his book and potential paths of global economic governance that prioritize “cooperation without dominance.”

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